Enhancing the where in your analytics

Development and implementation of GIS in organisations of any size

With over 20-years’ geospatial, data and computer science experience, the expert consultants at GISRede offer a variety of solutions to your geospatial needs. From simple analyses and map production, to a full suite of geo-enabled SAAS services, GISRede has the expertise to make the most of your data.

GIS Data Capture

Capture your business’ important data & assets

Spatial data have become critical when managing our environments, monitoring business or managing assets. Geographic Information systems help to bring a multitude of spatial layers together, along with non-spatial features, in an effort to most accurately model the world as close as possible to real life. These software platforms can come in the form of desktop software, a web application, or a full service that monitors and models as data changes.

GIS is indispensable for not only visualisation of geospatial data, but also for analysis.These technologies have the capabilities to analyse and manipulate spatial and tabular databases, whilst keeping location at the forefront. In the age of information and big data, these tools are essential in almost every sector, including development, government administration, transport and infrastructure, health and business intelligence.

From earth observation data collection and interpretation to business asset management, speak to our experts about how we can help you make use of geospatial data as a powerful tool. 

GIS Consultancy and Training

Expert GIS advice & consultancy

GIS Services

At GISRede, our data architects and programmers are extensively experienced in general and geospatial web development. From simple web maps and dashboards, to comprehensive, hosted services where orgnanisations can monitor and analyse their assets and data, we are able to advise and develop the tool that best suits your needs.
GISRede provides access to outputs of our analysis of a range of data sets. We also offer services to analyse your geospatial data and provide outputs in a format familiar to the analysts in your organisation.


GIS Software Development

Whether you are looking to set up a spatially-enabled database, extend your GIS software, or create a desktop programme that processes and analyses your data, GISRede can work with you to develop software that best meets your needs and budget.

Population/Demographic Modelling

GISRede’s main expertise lies in the modeling of population and demographic data. This can be used for health, planning, business intelligence or development. GISRede has made a number of population data freely available to download for registered users on our website. These data include 1km population grids for 47 African countries (see detailed data description for our methods).

Gridded building patterns were calculated using Google bulding footprint as an input to the model. 

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GISREDE allows solving a wide range of applied problems based on the analysis of the location, the characteristics of a particular territory and the relationship between geographical, social and economic factors.